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About Us

The idea for the original Loadslider came about in 2015 when we noticed the existing design of bakkie slides or cargo slides were not as advanced as the products available in the USA. After looking at countless images of cargo slides from around the world we came up with our Loadslider concept. We wanted to take the best cargo slide on the market and add as many features as we could, reduce the number of holes needed for fitment and make our slider the safest and strongest product on the market with the lowest profile. The easy part was getting these design ideas listed on a spreadsheet, the difficult part was turning this concept into reality. 

After 6 different prototype designs and a few years of testing, we finally ticked all of our boxes in terms of our cargo slide wish list. Little did we know that our Loadslider was now without a doubt the best cargo slide on the market. We had added all the features we wanted to have on a cargo slide but we knew we could go even further to ensure we offered the best product on the market.

Our Loadslider not only has more features than any other cargo slide on the market, we also have more accessories that enhance the usability of your Loadslider compared to our competition. 

Standard Loadslider features;

80% extension
350kg evenly distributed load carrying capacity (tested weight of 450kg)
All aluminium T-slot extrusions on the decking
All aluminium outer rail
4mm steel framework
Completely powder coated in a durable textured powder coating
Ergonomic handle and locking lever
39 locking positions
4 vertical bearings and 4 side thruster bearings ensure a smooth operation
Safety mechanism guarantees the slide will not roll away or slam out of control
Over four years of testing in harsh African conditions
Unique T-Slot extrusions allow you to "drop and turn" t-bolts or t-nut to secure any type of load you are carrying.
Multiple accessories available which require no drilling
Only 4 x 8mm holes are drilled into the vehicle (less than any other similar product)
Weather proof as we don't use wood or carpeting you can pressure wash your Loadslider
Easy to fit and remove

Once you have used a Loadslider you will appreciate what a useful product it is.

Visit our showroom to view our Loadslider range and accessories.

Change the way you use your bakkie
Say goodbye to climbing into your loadbin
Get full easy access to your cargo

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